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SVG-Edit: A Cross-Browser SVG Editor in JavaScript

June 21st 2010

If you have done any work with SVG, you have probably heard of Inkscape which is an open source desktop program that lets you edit SVG files without coding.  The svg-edit team have been hard at work building an SVG editor in JavaScript.  It works entirely in the browser - not even a server side component - and takes advantage of some of the latest features of cutting edge browsers, such as local file access in Firefox 3.6.  Below is a video introducing svg-edit.  It is from an old version, and many more features have been added since then.  Be sure to check them out!

SVG-Edit has really evolved from a nice technology demo, to a fully fledged application that you could use instead of something like Inkscape for most of your work.  The best part of it is that it is accessible anywhere, and it is built using standard web technologies.

You can check out the project on Google Code, and use the application itself here.  Awesome work, team!