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Joyent Relaunches Its Hosting Service

March 2nd 2011

Last night, Joyent relaunched its awesome hosting service.  Besides having a sweet domain name, the service looks to be a really simple way to host node apps in the cloud.  It uses Git for deployment kinda like Heroku, which makes that really simple.  No more FTP!  Additionally, they are now supporting the latest stable versions of Node, 0.4 and 0.4.1.

They also announced a Cloud Analytics service that lets you see all kinds of performance data about your live production servers running on the hosting platform.  You can see information about HTTP server/client operations, garbage collection operations, socket operations and filesystem operations with beautiful live interactive charts.  Check out the blog post to learn more about that!  Behind the scenes of all of this is DTrace and the DTrace probes that were added in Node 0.4.x.  Very cool!

Node.js is really getting big.  Its exciting to see it develop, and to see the community create such awesome stuff with it!  If you’ve got a Node app to host, be sure to check out!