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Pedalboard.js: A JavaScript Guitar Effect Framework using the Web Audio API

October 4th 2012

Audio in JavaScript is kind of a brave new world at the moment, with the Web Audio API finally beginning to win the audio API wars (Firefox is working on implementing it).  The API has support in WebKit based browsers such as Chrome and Safari, and as of iOS 6, Mobile Safari as well.

As developers begin to explore building audio applications in the browser, we are beginning to see more and more interesting demos.  Pedalboard.js is no exception.  It is a framework for building guitar pedalboard effects in the browser, including both UI widgets like pots and switches, as well as the audio effects themselves and the routing between them.

The demo allows you to play with a number of prebuilt effects and apply them to various prerecorded samples, as well as live audio input from your microphone if you’re running Chrome Canary.  The demo is only a simple example of what could be built, however, since the real power of Pedalboard.js is that it is a framework for building many types of custom effects.

You can check out the demo of Pedalboard.js, as well as some pretty good documentation on their project page, and finally the code on Github.

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