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JS1k is back! Awesome JavaScript demos in only 1KB

February 6th 2012

I always enjoy watching JS1k, which, if you haven’t heard of it, is a JavaScript competition to make the best demo in under 1KB of code.  It has been running for a few years now, and every time, it gets better and better with cooler demos, more judges and of course better prizes.  This time, the theme of the contest is about love given that Valentines day is coming up soon, and we’ve already got some pretty neat demos.  Here are my favorites so far.  You can expect us to post about more as they come in!

1K Procedural Rose

Román Cortés does it again, this time with a procedural rose rendering in just 1018 bytes.    Another of my favorite things about JS1k is all the learning and sharing that goes on.  Román has written a fantastic blog post about how he made the rose, including all the rendering techniques and more.  Definitely a must read!

Campsite Firefighter

Paul Milham made a neat demo that renders a fire with particles on a canvas, and if you mash the keyboard, you can pee on the fire to put it out.  Be careful where you aim though, as how much you mash controls how fast it comes out. :)

Tunnel of Love

Alexander Prinzhorn brings us a nice demo showing a tunnel of love in just 535 bytes.  That’s all there is to it!

Modern Art Generator

Clocking in at just 735 bytes, this is a procedural modern art generator for the canvas element.  Very neat!

Hidden Love

Manel Villar made a neat demo that reveals a message as you move your mouse over it in 1017 bytes.  Can you read it?

The Love Helix

Chris Heilmann submitted the love helix in just 459 bytes.  I could watch this all day!

It is amazing to see what can be done in such a small amount of code.  I just love the creativity everyone brings to their demos!  We’ve seen some great ones so far, and I can’t wait to see more submissions as they come in.  Don’t forget to check out the whole list of demos on the JS1k website, and to submit your own if you feel so called.  Enjoy!