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Weekly Badass JS Roundup #7

February 1st 2012

Welcome back to the weekly Badass JS roundup!  As always, there is lots of JavaScript news this week, so lets dive in.

  1. Ehsan Akhgari has a neat blog post on automatically converting a native OpenGL application to run on the web via WebGL using Emscripten.
  2. Iced CoffeeScript is a fork of CoffeeScript that brings two new keywords to the language: await and defer, which make asynchronous programming much easier.  It is certainly a neat idea, although it has yet to prove itself in practice!
  3. The prolific LearnBoost team has released two new modules for Node, up and distribute which make it possible to perform zero-downtime code updates in Node.js which is nice in development as well because it is annoying to have to start and restart your server all the time.  There’s a blog post going into much more detail about it too.
  4. Jens Nockert is continuing his WebCL work, this time with a JS library that bridges the gaps between the various WebCL prototypes that vendors have made.
  5. Jed Schmidt has released a Amazon DynamoDB binding for Node.js that looks pretty nice.
  6. The 140bytes contest continues, this time with a version of Tetris in less than 140 bytes.  Wow!
  7. In case you’ve ever wanted a workaround for the lack of tail call optimization in JavaScript, here you go!
  8. Backbone.js 0.9 has been released and Jeremy says it should be considered a preview for 1.0!
  9. Twitter’s Bootstrap library has been upgraded to 2.0 and it is just packed with awesome stuff. Go check it out!
  10. If you missed it, Ryan Dahl has released the reigns of gatekeeper of the Node.js project to Isaac Schleuter, author of NPM so he can focus on research more.  He will still be involved with the project of course, just not in the day-to-day of deciding what goes into each release.
  11. Not sure if this is new, but Joseph Gentle who was an engineer on the Google Wave team has released ShareJS which is an implementation of the Operational Transform algorithms for Node and the browser allowing one to make collaborative realtime editable applications.  The example shows how you could build an Etherpad clone in just 4 lines of code!   Of course, you can find the source on Github.
  12. Firefox 10 now has some pretty awesome looking developer tools built right in.  Check out this video for a nice walkthrough!

That’s all for this week!  Did I miss something?  Did you make or find something that is Badass JS worthy?  Don’t hesitate to submit it.  I promise to read them all.  Have a nice week!